Friday, July 11, 2014

Playtime leggings and baby toes

I finally made a pair of playtime leggings from the Oliver + S pattern of the same name.  I made them for Sam from an old maternity dress I wasn't feeling anymore.

I learned where the stretch stitch is on my machine, and used the existing hem of the dress for the cuffs of the leggings to save some time. 

These fit her really well, and turned out the best of any other leggings pattern I've made so far.  

She's starting to walk already, I'm in love with her chunky legs trying to walk around, it's so cute.  

I also made each of the girls a playtime dress (the accompanying pattern to the leggings) that both turned out really well, to be shared soon! 


  1. Squee!! look at those chubby baby toes!! And the legs too. SO sweet. Great job on the leggings, they look professional!

  2. Oh she is utterly adorable!! Cute leggings :)

  3. Using an existing hem is my fav way to make leggings! Turned out great- and man, I need to figure out where my stretch stitch is...